This Agreement is entered into between a representative of one of the following magazines: Artells, Marika, Artego, Figgi, Quadro, and Top Posters Magazines (hereinafter referred to as the "Publisher") and the individual providing content (hereinafter referred to as the "Author"), where the Author verifies their identity and provides contact details in the relevant fields when submitting the Application.

Subject of the Agreement:

1. The name and type of content being provided (for example, photographs, videos, articles), as well as the details and conditions of its use.

2. The Author confirms their consent to the use and publication of content created as part of their creative activities in the magazine, on the official website of the magazine, on social networks, and also in the advertising and promotional materials of the magazine. The Author grants the Publisher non-exclusive rights to use the content without restrictions on time and territory. The Author guarantees that they have obtained all necessary consents from the persons depicted in the provided materials, including, but not limited to, consent to publish the images, and that the rights of third parties will not be violated as a result of executing this Agreement. The Author fully understands the content of this Agreement and possesses all rights to the content provided.

3. The Publisher agrees to use the content with respect to existing standards and in accordance with professional norms.

4. This Agreement comes into effect from the moment the content is submitted to the Publisher. Any amendments and additions to this Agreement are only valid if they are made in writing and signed by all parties to the Agreement.

5. All questions related to copyright of the provided materials fall outside the jurisdiction of the Publisher. The responsibility for resolving any claims related to copyright rests entirely with the Content Author.