About Our Company

Artells Group is a comprehensive platform designed for those aiming to publish their work in international magazines. The website features six different publications: Artells, Marika, Artego, Figgi, Quadro, and Top Posters, each with its own unique specialization and audience. Artells Group offers authors a convenient tool for submitting applications for publication in any of these magazines. Additionally, users can take advantage of paid options such as having their work featured on the front cover of a magazine, publishing articles, or promoting their work on social media.

This site is a valuable resource for creative individuals seeking international recognition and aiming to expand their audience.

Also Artells Group helps creative professionals take their careers to the next level and get published in international magazines. Learn more about our programs here: https://artellsgroup.com/accelerator.

The editor-in-chief of Artells, Marika, Artego, and Figgi magazines, Marina Abramova, conducts monthly portfolio reviews to help creators build impressive portfolios and become sought-after in the international photography market. Join our initiatives and open new horizons for your creativity!